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© 2024 One Dojo Boulder Samurai in Meditation art

"Samurai in Meditation" © 2024 One Dojo, Boulder, CO

About the Artwork

On some of the branded merchandise in our Boulder Martial Arts Shop, below, you will see the Samurai in Meditation artwork, commissioned especially for One Dojo.

Samurai in Meditation

Inspired by the beautiful simplicity of Hiroshige, Kawase and other Japanese Ukiyo-e and Shin-hanga woodblock print artists, the monochromatic artwork was designed to capture the calm, focused essence of the warrior spirit honed at One Dojo Boulder.

The image depicts an idyllic lake setting in front of the iconic Boulder Flatirons, where dedicated practitioners perform traditional Eastern arts as the moon sets in the background. Yoga, Tai Chi, Taiko, Aikido and Iaido—all arts practiced at One Dojo—can be seen, from left to right.

In the foreground, a samurai sits seiza under the silhouette of a cottonwood tree, harnessing life energy with a deep inhale during meditation, a symbol of the gratitude for the “now” moment, warrior-like dedication and mental focus teachers help to inculcate in One Dojo students.

Stand tall. Be proud. Shine on!

Show off your appreciation for what One Dojo brings to your life.


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