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Boulder Tai Chi Classes

 Group Tai Chi Classes at One Dojo in Boulder, CO

Experience the health, meditative and self-defense benefits of Tai Chi's functional movements. 

 Create a physically efficient and mentally strong body-mind  state through performing slow, flowing movements. Focus on deep breathing, relaxation and injury prevention as you discover Tai Chi's applications to daily life and martial arts.

Tai Chi Boulder for Beginners Mike D_edi

Tai Chi for Beginners & More

Improve balance, strength, and mental well-being.
Reduce stress and enh
ance overall physical health.

Designed for adult beginners and continuing practitioners, in this class, our intention is to create a physically efficient state of body and mind. 


Our Taiji forms make use of functional movements beneficial for martial arts and daily life applications, with injury prevention as one of the main benefits.

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Another focus of our Tai Chi Boulder classes is molding our bodies by using our minds. Meditation and mental exercises are integrated into the practice.


Class material is based on the Cheng Hsin lineage, established by martial arts legend Master Peter Ralston, as well as exercises from Yang Taiji influenced by Master Adam Mizner and others.

Mike Detweiler Boulder Tai Chi Instructor
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Meet Michael Detweiler

Your Boulder Tai Chi Instructor

One Dojo's Taichi Instructor, Michael Detweiler, first began exploring martial arts in elementary school. Once in college, he started studying them more deeply. This exploration has continued for the past 20 years, including more than 10 years of study in Tai Chi.

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Mike currently studies Aikido, Judo, Cheng Hsin, and Taiji. He teaches Judo weekly in Boulder and teaches Contact Improv dance around the country.

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