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Birth of the One Dojo:
A Center for Mindfulness Training

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

One Dojo in Boulder, Colorado is the home of a mindful, multi-disciplinary community fitness center. It's designed for people who share the vision of practicing oneness, interpersonal connection, and mindfulness.


The relational, Japanese martial art of Mind-Body-Unified Aikido (Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido) is at the heart of this vision, with its self-defense techniques, ki breathing, ki meditation, ki testing, as well as taigi and weapons practice.

One Dojo allows a broader group of people, who seek the refinement of the human spirit through mindful, somatic practices, to join and hold the torch brightly for others.

yoga studio martial arts mat room One Dojo Boulder.jpg

One Dojo Logo: Mindfulness Training Encapsulated

The name One Dojo bears a deep meaning. It centers on the concept that everything we offer will seek to create oneness—to realize we are all one. It also aims to be one home where many modalities can gather around one concept, rather than having separate places to practice meditation, mindfulness training, movement arts, and martial arts of self defense.

The One Dojo logo is comprised of an enso circle and a single vertical stroke. Adapted from Zen Buddhism, a philosophy which imbues Mind Body Aikido with its core principles, the enso expresses a moment when mind and body are one and free to create. It serves to represent “the circle of life and the connectedness of existence” and holds the space for Self-expression—the single vertical stroke.


Additionally, the O also has a western meaning—it is the first letter of the word ONE. The celestial blue color was chosen for its relation to spiritual aspirations and the pursuit of inner peace. Thus, the totality of the logo represents a community space where practitioners can feel safe to nurture their universal spirit.

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