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Anusara Yoga Classes Boulder CO

Anusara Hatha Yoga with Heather


Anusara Yoga offers a comprehensive approach to practice, rooted in alignment, heart-centeredness, and the recognition of divine presence within each practitioner.  Embrace Anusara yoga to align your body, heart, and mind, opening yourself to a journey of grace and inner goodness.

Anusara Yoga Classes Boulder

About Anusara Yoga

What is Anusara Yoga?

Branching out of Iyengar Yoga, Anusara yoga is a unique form of Hatha yoga that emphasizes alignment. But unlike some yoga styles that focus primarily on physical poses, Anusara is a heart-centered practice. It encourages you to find alignment not just in your asanas (poses) but also in your body, heart, and mind, guiding you towards a deeper connection with supreme consciousness.

What Does “Anusara” Mean?

Pronounced “AHN-yoo-SAH-rah,” this Sanskrit word can be interpreted in several beautiful ways: “listening to your heart,” “opening to grace,” “aligning with the divine,” or “flowing with grace.”

The Essence of Anusara Yoga

Rooted in the non-dual Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness, Anusara yoga teaches the “Universal Principles of Alignment.” The first principle is to "set the foundation and open to grace," which involves setting an intention, becoming present, and softening the body to allow the heart to expand.

The Core of Anusara: The 3 A’s

  1. Attitude: Harnessing the power of the heart to drive every action.

  2. Alignment: Being mindfully aware of how every part of yourself is interconnected.

  3. Action: Allowing your body’s natural flow of energy to bring both stability and freedom.​

Boulder Anusara Yoga

Your Boulder Anusara Yoga class may include:

  • Meticulous guidance on alignment principles, ensuring safe and effective execution of yoga poses.

  • Themes centered on the heart are woven into the practice, fostering feelings of joy, gratitude, and compassion.

  • Creative sequencing will be used to facilitate a fluid and harmonious flow of movements, allowing students to deepen their practice progressively.

  • Props like blocks and straps may be used to assist in achieving proper alignment and offer modifications as needed.

  • Breath-work (pranayama) and meditation practices are commonly integrated to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace.

  • Additionally, there's an emphasis on building community and fostering connections among participants, creating a supportive and nurturing atmosphere for personal growth and transformation in body, mind, and spirit.

Meet Your Boulder Anusara Yoga Teacher

Heather Elizabeth McNally, RYT


Heather has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She never intended to teach, until she met her teacher Rudrani in 2017. One class with Rudrani was all it took for Heather to sign up for her Anusara Yoga Teacher Training, which was a life-changing experience.


With Rudrani’s 85 years of wisdom, 50 of which she has spent teaching yoga, she eloquently shares a depth that Heather hadn’t experienced before in any of the many studios in which she had practiced.


The Kashmir Shaivism Yoga that Heather learned from her training has its roots in ancient Kashmir India, and is based in non-duality. In its most basic and simplified terms, it suggests that every pair of opposites we experience — light and heavy, awful and wonderful, expansive and contractive, all come from the same vast oneness from which everything springs. 


The training Heather received excelled at combining deep wonderful heart teachings, along with direct intricate alignment details.  She learned to use the particularities of the exact positioning of the body to become a diving board for delving deeper into the depths of ourselves.


Inquire & play with the wonder of embodiment!

Join Heather’s Boulder Anusara Yoga classes.

Anusara Yoga Beginner Course

Discovering Anusara: A Journey of the Heart




July 16 – Aug 6, 2024
Tuesdays, Noon–1:15pm
All levels & abilities welcome!
Four 75-minute Anusara Yoga classes
(plus 2 bonus One Dojo class sessions*)

Sign up Now & Save $30!
Only $45 until Wednesday July 10th
Use code ANUSARA30 • Regularly $75

I've read the Terms & Conditions below**

Course Terms & Conditions
Anusara Intro Course Description

In this four-week course, we will explore the first principle of Anusara Yoga — “Open to Grace.”


What does it mean to be Open to Grace?​

We will investigate this through the moving meditation of yoga, by braiding together the breath, the mind and the body. We will also be fine tuning our alignment in the poses, crafting them with subtlety and care.​


In giving our attention so thoroughly to the intricacies of the movements synchronized with the breath flowing throughout, we aim to experience the richness and fullness of the present moment that often passes us by.​


*This Anusara Yoga  4-week course membership includes four 75-minute lunch sessions of Anusara Hatha Yoga, plus two bonus session-punches to attend any regularly scheduled classes at One Dojo during the four weeks of the course.


Two bonus punches! Good for classes in:


  • TAI CHI (Movement Meditation)

  • AIKIDO (Japanese Self-Defense Art of Peace)

  • IAIDO (Japanese Swordsmanship)

  • TAIKO (Japanese Drumming)

  • NIA (Dance Movement)​


  • ELIGIBILITY – This membership is available ONLY TO NEW STUDENTS who have never taken ANUSARA YOGA WITH HEATHER at One Dojo.

  • ACTIVATION – Membership is considered activated on the first day student attends a class at One Dojo.

  • DURATION – Membership is good for the dates outlined above under Membership Description.

  • MEMBERSHIP HOLDS: No holds may be placed on this membership.

  • EXCLUSIONS – Valid only for classes at One Dojo stated above. NOT VALID valid for any PRIVATE LESSONS, PODs, CAMPS, other Special COURSES, or Special EVENTS. We reserve the right to refuse access to any specially scheduled session at One Dojo.

  • MISSED CLASSES – No make-up classes will be provided, if student misses classes for any reason (including illness, work, vacation, etc.) and does not take full advantage of the membership once activated.

  • TRANSFERABILITY – Membership may be purchased as a gift for someone else. Purchaser may transfer this membership to any one person they designate. This pass is transferable only if it has been unused and not activated. Once activated, this special membership may not be transferred to another person.

  • EXCHANGES – If this membership has not yet been activated, up to 90% of the cash value of this membership received by One Dojo may be exchanged for any other One Dojo membership. If activated, at the discretion of One Dojo administration, the unused portion of this membership may be exchanged and applied toward other memberships at One Dojo.

  • EXPIRATION – If never started or activated, this membership will fully expire and have no value one year after purchase date.

 I've read the Terms & Conditions above.

See you on the mat!

Try Anusara Yoga
with Heather @ One Dojo

All levels & abilities welcome!

Sign up Now & Save $30!
Only $45 until Sunday July 7th
Use code ANUSARA30 • Regularly $75
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