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Hatha Yoga with Victoria

A Deep Boulder Hatha Yoga Class
to Bring Everyth
ing Online

Experience a unique Hatha Yoga Boulder class wherein we use our practice on the mat as the stepping stone for being more present inside all of the inevitable challenges of our daily life.


We are cultivating a landing in the body, a quietude of mind, and a resiliency of heart, and these fruits of our practice can then be offered to everyone we encounter through our day, ourselves included.

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Hatha Yoga Class Description

Get to the Heart of It. Deepen. Open. Brighten.


This hatha yoga class has been evolving right along with my own personal evolution. Asanas are used as gateways to get deeper into the heart. 

Inspired by my own experience as a student of master teacher, Sofia Diaz, these classes are not just about having a body workout, or grounding in the here and now.  


We may be physically present or have cultivated a quiet mind — both of which are essential for our wholeness as humans — but without the awakened heart, we are without a compass, adrift at sea.

“Yoga with Victoria is a complete journey on all levels—physically, mentally, soulfully and emotionally.” – Read full testimonial here.

To deepen the heart experience, I weave in music that I’ve recorded in my home studio. Voice and harmonium serve to soften the boundaries between our heart and our immediate experience in the asana, inviting us to be with the totality of our experience, opening to it all, denying nothing.


As we roll up our mats, we use our practice on the mat as the stepping stone for being more present inside all of the inevitable challenges of our daily life.

While all levels are welcome to practice with me, having some foundation is recommended.

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Meet Victoria Guidi.

Hatha Yoga Boulder. Soul Guide. Enneagram Teacher.


At heart, I am a seeker, with a forever deep calling to explore the full range of the human soul. This has led to what feels like many lives lived — bartender in NYC, special needs teacher in the Bronx, sailing instructor to kids in fishing communities in El Salvador, boatbuilding program director for youth in Philly, Ayurvedic health counselor, yoga teacher to both men and women in the prison system — and now Hatha Yoga in a dojo in Boulder, Colorado.

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The thread through my life has been my seeing of the inherent good and potential in people, and my own capacity to sit in the darkest of places and not give up. With the death of my mother from cancer in 2014 and the surfacing of unworked trauma from my dad’s killing when I was 13, I entered into the biggest work of my life.


Along with yoga, therapy and my own personal medicine work, the Enneagram has been invaluable in my healing and my understanding of self and others. I received my professional certification via Chestnut-Paes Enneagram Academy in 2023.

And my cherry on top: I grew up making music and singing, and have returned to this creative act with full force. It is here that my soul fully expresses — and I’ve been deeply enjoying weaving it into the inner work I offer and my yoga classes.

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