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Yoga Student Reflects on the Profound Effects of her Hatha Yoga experience at One Dojo

Updated: May 23, 2023

Warrior Yoga with Victoria is a complete journey on all levels—physically, mentally, soulfully, and emotionally.

Victoria Guidi’s intuition and knowledge are spot on.

She guides the hatha yoga class in exploring what we need to transcend the status quo.

Victoria invites us to free ourselves of structures and ingrained habits that no longer serve our higher purpose, travel to a grander vibrational level with discipline and integrity, and have commitment to our truths while acting with understanding and volition.

Her instruction teaches to the surface, subsurface, and depths, inviting us to open into awareness and be honest with ourselves—the body is strong, the mind calm, the spirit energized, the soul catalyzed, the heart radiant.

As true yoga is, this practice translates off the mat. Stretches—physically, mentally and emotionally—become a synchronous everyday experience.

My self, choices, experiences, and relationships are informed by my practice with Victoria and the One Dojo community. They are richer, more vibrant, aware, and conscious.

Lastly, I appreciate Victoria’s professionalism, authenticity, discipline, receptiveness, and playfulness.

I am always happily surprised by myself and my practice in Warrior Yoga—this class is alive!

Furthermore, I give gratitude to One Dojo community. One Dojo studio is inspired, friendly, and dedicated to co-creating a safe and engaging space.

I am very grateful that I gave myself the gift of a monthly membership, practice Warrior Yoga regularly, and participate in the diverse, educational, and transformational workshops hosted by OneDojo.

~ Written by Elizabeth Swartwood, educator, graduate student, gardener and member of One Dojo community.


To learn more about Warrior Yoga with Victoria and to sign up for your first class go here.

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