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Welcome to One Dojo

One Dojo is a community training space in Boulder, Colorado, bringing together aikido, yoga and other mindful, somatic disciplines that enhance fitness and develop unity of mind, body, and spirit.

We provide a peaceful, welcoming, and safe environment, for dedicated students seeking life-enhancing practices, to learn from exceptional instructors who passionately share their wisdom and experience.

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Practice the art of peace and learn to calmly deal with confrontations, diffuse attacks, and effectively subdue your opponent by applying locks, throws, and immobilization. Three styles of Aikido with more than 80 years of cumulative teaching experience. 

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Promote deep relaxation, health, fitness, and learn to focus your mind through this ancient Indian discipline involving breathing, meditation, stretching and physical postures. We currently offer three styles of Yoga classes including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga.

Reina Watanabe Iaido Tanshinjuku.jpeg


Loosely interpreted as the way of drawing and cutting, the Japanese discipline of Iaido is an ancient and elegant martial art. Iaido practitioners employ a sword as a tool to master one’s own ego, while they build effective responses to the obstacles and conflicts life presents.

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The Japanese art of Taiko drumming combines the mind-body discipline and skillful playing of percussion instruments with the complete respect and unity among the drummers. Julia Misawa of Boulder Taiko brings this art to all people in Boulder and Colorado's Front Range.


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