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Welcome to One Dojo
A Boulder Martial Arts Fitness Center Cut from a Different Stone

If you’re looking to develop inner calmness, enhance fitness, and gain practical, everyday life benefits from training deeply in traditional eastern mind-body disciplines, then you’ve come to the right place.


Unlike popular martial arts studios that focus on competition, One Dojo centers instead on practicing diligently to refine the human spirit.


We are a Zen-inspired, peace-nurturing, non-competitive Boulder Martial Arts dojo featuring Aikido, Yoga, Tai Chi, Iaido, Taiko and Nia. We emphasize the development of inner personal strength, physical wellbeing, spiritual self-discipline and a sense of oneness with nature.

We provide a welcoming and safe environment for dedicated students seeking life-enriching practices, to learn from exceptional instructors who passionately share their wisdom and experience.

Students of all ages develop self-confidence and become stronger individuals not by beating others, but by cultivating inner mastery over oneself. Over time, through dedication and hard work, students polish themselves into the most brilliant human beings they can be.

Winner of Best of Boulder

Best Martial Arts Studio (2023 & 2024)
Best Yoga Studio (2022)
Boulder Summer Camp Peace Samurai 2023

Outdoor Boulder Summer Camps

for Kids, ‘Tweens & Teens

Our Latest Articles

Zach V., Boulder

“A welcoming environment for beginners. The positive and calming energy of the dojo is contagious. Learning Ki Aikido is challenging and humbling, but it's also tremendously playful. Every time I step onto the mat I feel joy. Great classes for kids and parents too.”

Keith C., Boulder

An amazing way to positively impact one's mind, body and spirit that directly benefits all areas of life!

Jennifer W., Boulder

“This is a hidden gem in Boulder. For martial arts and yoga this is the place for great classes and community. I really appreciate the care and attention the owner and all the teachers provide
Thank you for making this such a great experience.”


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