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Bryce Widom | Colorado Painter & One Dojo Yogi

My true yoga practice began as a student of Sofia Diaz some years back, when I was in a potent life crisis and was looking for embodied guidance from a heart-awake teacher...

It was deep in this practice that I met Victoria, who I now practice with at One Dojo three days a week. Both Victoria and Sofia share one brilliant perspective that defines their teaching: they abide in the reality that there is no demarcation between how we conduct ourselves on the mat, and how we live our lives off the mat.

So it is not yoga per se that I cherish, but rather the way that both of my hatha yoga teachers hold the torch of the teaching. It is a practice in which I learn how to meet each moment with more heart, clarity, and inner power, and how to surrender in each moment with more grace, honesty, and realness. The cultivation of these capacities touches every part of my life, whether in my relationship with Victoria, my two evolving teenagers, my aging parents, my community and beyond; in my work as an artist; or in my life as a whole. There is no end-moment to practice. It begins again in each moment, with every inhale and exhale, with every beat of my heart for as long as I am alive.

I’m grateful, too, that Victoria’s teaching has found a home in One Dojo. I have known Abel for many years now, and to witness a community growing from his heart-vision is a glorious thing!

To bow at the dojo entrance is to bow in respect to the Good that is being cultivated here.

To light the candle at the altar before practice is to honor the intention and dedication of each dojo student and teacher. And to practice in the dojo is to receive the fruits of labor of so many before me, and offer the fruits of my own practice to all who come after.

Much of my time is devoted to my work as an artist. I began my career two decades ago, fumbling my way with chalks at the Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery. My primary medium is now oils, and on occasion I take on larger outdoor mural projects with spray cans. My yoga practice is intrinsic to my art, and the two are inseparable. They are truly one. To stand before a blank canvas and feel the creative urge of the cosmos propel me forward to express is no different than loving my way through an asana.

I also love to play basketball, ping pong, and tennis! Paddle-board and hammock-camp. Tend to fires and swim in the sea. Lay in cool grass. Club dance in the city. I’m learning to skate on a longboard, and am considering taking up roller skating (Victoria already has her skates:) I aspire to live life with love and gusto. instagram + facebook: @brycewidom

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