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River Misogi: Celebrate the 2023 New Year of the Rabbit with a Cold Water Immersion

Updated: Jan 21

Start the year off positively. Join us as we gather at One Dojo to bring in the Chinese new year with vision, courage and determination. The ceremony will comprise meditation, breathing, chanting, bell ringing, and a cold-water plunge in Boulder Creek!

Sunday, 22 January 2023 | 7:00 am doors open

Ceremony starts at 7:30, until ~ 9:00 am

@ One Dojo 3005 Sterling Circle, Suite 150

Download the Senshin no Gyo PDF for complete info on how to prepare for the training session.


© 2023 Image by dashu83 on Freepik


Invitation to Participate in Cold Water Immersion

Everyone currently involved in Ki training and in good health is welcome to attend One Dojo's lunar new year celebration event.

Sen Shin no Gyo is a Ki training experience to coordinate mind and body— a symbolic and physical practice to throw away all things past and to start out the new year clean and fresh.

Please come with a positive attitude and good Ki.

It is a tradition for our community to go out for breakfast after the ceremony.



Getting Ready for Sen Shin no Gyo

Prepare for misogi by quieting your mind and spirit as you arrive at One Dojo.

We start with focusing our minds with some quiet meditation, doing a short session of ki breathing, then begin with the bell ringing (Soku Shin no Gyo) on the mat.

We then carpool quietly to Ebin G. Fine Park for training in the water (Sen Shin no Gyo).

Afterwards we return to the dojo to complete our training with more bell misogi. You're invited to join everyone for breakfast after the ceremony.

Process of Chanting & Bell Ringing

Three rhythms are used during the chanting and bell ringing rite. The first rhythm is an even rhythm chant, resounding the following syllables with equal volume: TO HO KA MI EH MI TA ME

The second rhythm is a 5-beat rhythm that pairs a few syllables:


The last rhythm emphasizes only two syllables:

TO (hokami) EH (mitame).