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Aikido is an original, non-competitive martial art from Japan that was created by Ueshiba Morihei (1883-1969). It is a partner-based martial art in which partners alternate roles, with realistic situations, applying multiple forms of attack and the receiving end, diffusing those attacks by locks, throws and immobilization.

The intent of Aikido is not to win over the opponent but to avoid confrontation and calmly and peacefully subdue the opponent.

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About Evolene Premillieu Sensei

Evolene started Aikido in September 2000. She was fascinated by the Aikido philosophy of bringing peace within the world. She immediately devoted herself to the art and wouldn't miss a class, trying to attend seminars as much as she could and learn from many different Sensei around Southern France.

She was a student of Mariano Aristin Sensei and later trained under Franck Noël Sensei, both 7th Dan. Evolene developed interest for teaching while attending school for a master's in elementary school education and got her license to be an Aikido Instructor (BE1) in 2010.

Boulder Martial Arts Aikido Weapons with Evolene Sensei

In 2012, Premillieu decided to move to Colorado to train under Ikeda Sensei after attending several week long seminars with him in France. She is extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to train under Ikeda Sensei and Tres Hofmeister Sensei. Ikeda Sensei promoted her to Yondan in 2018.


Evolene is particularly focused on creating training opportunities for young people and helping them sustain their practice while attending school and starting their professional career. In 2019, she worked on a project called Aikido For Tomorrow that aimed at bringing the generation of young adults together and encourage everyone to lead Aikido classes in a seminar format. 


Additionally, Evolene is interested in alternative healing practices and has been a Reiki master since 2013. She loves the outdoors and spends the rest of her free time running. She caught the ultra running bug as a positive side effect of the 2020 pandemic and now enjoys running 100 miles races.

About Aikido Classes with Evolene Sensei

The heart of her class centers around performing series of throws and pins, integrating basics with advanced nuances. This helps the aikidoka, whether new or seasoned, to move with intuition and grace.

Check the class schedule for current times. New students are encouraged to join the Beginner Course series but may choose to start at any time throughout the year.

Start Aikido with Evolene Sensei anytime

Only $25 for your first week of all Aikido classes at One Dojo including Aikido with Evolene

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