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Any 4 Classes in 4 Weeks $40

Only for New Students to One Dojo

This membership allows any new student (who has never trained at One Dojo before) to take up to 4 regularly scheduled classes* on the current schedule in any of our programs at One Dojo (Aikido, Yoga, Tai Chi, Iaido, Taiko, Nia and more) within a period of four weeks.

See Full Membership Terms & Conditions below.
4 for 40 Terms & Conditions


  • EXCLUSIONS – VALID ONLY FOR REGULAR CLASSES AT ONE DOJO. Not valid for any private lessons, PODs, Day or Summer Camps, Special Courses, or Special Events. We reserve the right to refuse access to any special session at One Dojo.

  • TRIAL OFFER LIMITATIONS – New students may use only one trial offer EVER; after initial trial period has been completed, no other trial offer may be used. Students must purchase regularly priced monthly or punchcard memberships to continue attending classes. Not valid with any other discounted offers.

  • START/END DATES – Membership dates listed below may be changed upon request by the purchaser. If purchased in advance of the student's first class, purchaser may request One Dojo administrators to modify membership start date to begin on the student's first date of class.

  • MEMBER EXCLUSIONS – Current One Dojo members may not use this membership. Offer is good for new students only, who have never attended any classes at One Dojo.

  • DURATION – Offer is good for four weeks after activation.

  • ACTIVATION – Offer is considered activated on the first day student attends a class at One Dojo.

  • MISSED CLASSES – No make-up classes will be provided, if student misses classes for any reason (including illness, work, vacation, etc.) and does not take full advantage of the membership once activated.

  • TRANSFERABILITY – You are encouraged to purchase this as a gift for someone, then transfer this membership to any one person you designate. Purchaser must contact One Dojo administration to arrange this. This pass is transferable only if it has been unused; once activated, this special membership may not be transferred to another person.

  • EXCHANGES – If this membership has not yet been activated, 90% of the cash value of this membership received by One Dojo may be exchanged for any other One Dojo membership.

  • EXPIRATION – If never started or activated, this membership will fully expire and have no value one year after purchase date.

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