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River Misogi: Celebrate the 2024 New Year of the Dragon with a Cold Water Immersion

Updated: Jan 30

Start the year off positively. Join us as we gather at One Dojo to bring in the Chinese new year with vision, courage and determination. The ceremony will comprise meditation, breathing, chanting, bell ringing, and a cold-water plunge in Boulder Creek!


Sunday, 28 January 2024 | 7:00 am doors open

Meditation starts at 7:30am. Entire session ends ~ 9:30am

@ One Dojo 3005 Sterling Circle, Suite 150


for complete info on how to prepare for the training


Cold plunge aikido group boulder creek
January 2023 River Misogi crew

You’re Invited to Join One Dojo in the New Year’s Cold Water Immersion

Anyone currently engaged in Ki training and feeling in good shape is invited to join the lunar new year celebration event at One Dojo.

Sen Shin no Gyo is a Ki training session aiming to align the mind and body – a symbolic and physical ritual to let go of the past and kick off the new year with a clean slate.

Bring along a positive mindset and good Ki energy.

After the ceremony, it's our tradition to head out for breakfast as a community.

Chinese new year year of the dragon 2024


Still not quite sure? Dig a little deeper...


  • Getting Ready for Sen Shin no Gyo

  • The Process of Chanting & Bell Ringing

  • What is Japanese Cold Water Training, aka River Misogi?

  • The Benefits of Cold Immersion Training

  • What is Misogi?




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